Fumio Fukamachi; Sho's father, and a big reason that Sho fights as hard as he does.

Fumio in canonEdit

Fumio is a hard-working salaryman, a widower who lost his wife to as-yet unknown - but presumably mundane - circumstances, and the father of the main character in Guyver.

Fumio in the Manga/12 part OAVEdit

Fumio is, for the most part, a cypher in this version of the story; he does not make an appearance until later, but is often mentioned as being at work. Sho cares deeply for him, though the two of them are never seen to interact for the first half of the series. When Fumio himself does make an appearance, however, he is swiftly captured by Chronos in an effort to draw Sho into a trap.

Fumio in the 2005 TV seriesEdit

Fanon's viewEdit