A Gregole attempting to overpower a Guyver. Not the best idea.

Gregole, Chronos' basic strength-type, was the first Zoanoid that Sho and Tetsuro encountered.

  • Face-on view of a Gregole.
  • A close up of Gregole's face.
  • Gregole's head and neck, three-quarters right.
  • A Gregole confronts the newly-emerged Guyver I.
  • Even the strongest of Chronos' power-type Zoanoids are no match for a Guyver.
  • A Gregole working alongside a Cadan.
  • A Gregole working beside a Razell.
  • A Gregole overpowering the test-type, Malmot.
  • Gregole's corpse dissolves quickly, as all Zoanoids are designed to.