The Unit in its inactive form; note the activated Control Medal.

The Guyver Unit, known variously as the Unit-G, Bio-Boosted Armor, or just the Unit, is a self-contained suit of biomechanical armor that has the ability to adapt itself to suit the needs of its current host. It is also the most coveted prize of Chronos in the Guyver series.

Properties of the Unit


The Unit's Control Medal; used in power regulation, and processing of information.

The most important feature of the Unit is the Control Medal; this palm-sized half-sphere acts as a power-regulator, data storage device, and central processing unit for the armor system. If the Control Medal is removed, the armor will revert to its original state of a parasitic organism, consuming its still-living host in the process. If the Control Medal is destroyed outright, then the Guyver will permanently cease to exist.


The Control Medal shines brightly as the armor is first formed.

The other prominent feature of the Units is the Gravity Control Orb, more commonly known as the Gravity Controller. Placed on the underside of the Unit when inactive, once the Unit is activated - by the simple act of depressing the Control Medal - the Gravity Control Orb relocates to the host's waist. The Orb acts as both a tool and a weapon once the Unit has been activated; providing the Guyver with the capability to fly, as well as the use of a powerful gravity shockwave called the Pressure Cannon.

Once the armor has been fully activated, a number of other features - weaponry, for the most part - become accessible.

One of the most distinctive and obvious weapons on the Guyver are the Vibration Blades. Mounted near the joint of the host's elbow, the blades can be either singular or paired. It is unknown at this time whether a Guyver may possess more than that; though Gigantic Dark possesses three forearm blades. Guyver V possesses a pair of wrist-mounted Blades, but this character does not exist in canon.


Guyver I charging his Mega Smasher.

The most powerful weapon in the Guyver's arsenal is the Mega Smasher. This high-energy "hyper particle" cannon resides under the Unit's breastplates in its inactive form. Normally utilized by pulling open the plates, revealing the lenses so that they can gather their full charge, Guyver I demonstrated the capability to charge and then fire the 'Smasher without the use of his hands, the appendages having been previously damaged in a battle with Aptom.


Guyver III using his Sonic Buster

One of the other weapons of the Guyver is the Sonic Buster; two metallic orbs located in the place where a mouth would be on a human. In addition to providing a way for the host to communicate verbally, the two orbs can produce a sonic shockwave capable of shattering, pulverizing, or disintegrating any material that the Control Medal can determine the structural makeup of.

Another feature of the Units are the hyper-sensors, paired metallic orbs atop the Guyver's head, each set in an individual track. Conversely, the Gigantic-variant of the armor has five orbs. These orbs are used to boost the range of the host's senses, though no concrete information has yet been yet revealed as to their methods of obtaining data.

One of the most fearsome of the Guyver's defenses, however, is the Unit's self-defense mode. In the case that heavy or fatal damage is done to the host, the Unit's own rudimentary consciousness can take over, fighting in their place until they recover. However, what makes this feature such a fearsome prospect to face is that the Unit itself does not distinguish friend from foe, and will attack anything or anyone it perceives as making hostile advances toward its host.

  • The three Units in their container.
  • The first Unit lying in the grass.
  • The Unit that bonded with Sean.
  • The second Unit's damaged Control Medal.
  • Guyver I's Head Beam.
  • Guyver I's Pressure Cannon.
  • Guyver I's Sonic Buster.
  • Guyver I's Vibration Blades.
  • Guyver I's Mega-Smasher, with Guyver III's in the background.
  • Guyver II's damaged Control Medal.
  • Guyver II's Vibration Blades.
  • Guyver II's Mega-Smasher.
  • Guyver II preparing to fire his Mega-Smasher
  • Guyver III preparing to fire his Pressure Cannon
  • Guyver III's vibration blades.
  • One of the marks left by the Unit on Lisker's back.
  • The marks left by the Unit on Sho's back.
  • Guyver I's Control Medal taken by Chronos.
  • Guyver I's Control Medal regenerating.
  • Guyver I being activated.
  • Guyver I's Gravity Controller (active).
  • Guyver III's Gravity Controller (active).
  • A newly removed Unit.
  • The Unit's Control Medal in its active state.
  • The Guyver's overwhelming strength and durability allow it to defeat foes many times larger.
  • Though the Guyver posseses extreme endurance, the host is not shielded from pain.
  • Guyver II's damaged Control Medal causes sporadic malfunctions
  • Guyvers can communicate with one another via Unit-to-Unit telepathy.
  • The armor can be removed via the host's own will...
  • ... or forcibly.

Known Guyvers


The first modern person to have a Guyver Unit.

Sho Fukamachi: Age 17. First known Guyver host; activated the Unit accidentally at Mt. Narisawa near a lake, becoming Guyver I and the focus of Chronos' attentions. Creator of the Gigantic upgrade, and primary user of same, as well as the Exceed "super mode". Of average height and medium build, Sho is neither particularly athletic nor particularly studious.

The second modern person to hold a Guyver Unit, and the only one who was loyal to Chronos to do so.

Oswald A. Lisker: Age 29. Second known Guyver host; activated the Unit by accident in one of Chronos' laboratories, becoming Guyver II and the first - and, to date, last - Guyver to work for Chronos. Originally a Hyper Zoanoid candidate, Lisker was in top physical condition before bonding with the Unit; combined with his training in hand-to-hand combat, this has made him a formidable opponent. Died in a confrontation with Sho Fukamachi.

The third modern person to have a Guyver Unit; loyalties uncertain.

Agito Makishima: Age 18. Third known Guyver host; activated the Unit deliberately in an as-yet-unknown location, becoming Guyver III and something of an ally to Guyver I. Creator of the Gigantic Dark variant of the Gigantic armor, and primarily responsible for the creation of the Libertus and Griselda. Taller than Sho, he is also both more athletic and more studious than the younger boy. Currently operating as the leader of the Libertus, and at odds with both Sho's side and Chronos.

Valkyria Fosberg-Lisker: Age 23 (estimated). Fourth known in the manga, fifth known from official sources. Activated an artificial Guyver unit at one of Chronos' research facilities, for the purpose of avenging the death of her brother. Tall, blonde, and well-proportioned.


Sean Barker; fourth modern Guyver host, allied with the US government against Chronos.

Sean Barker: Age 21 (estimated). Fourth known Guyver host; activated the Unit accidentally in an alley in Los Angeles, becoming Guyver "US" (Guyver IV) and the most powerful enemy of the Los Angeles branch of Chronos. Tall and of medium build, Sean has demonstrated skill in martial arts techniques, though he is less adept at utilizing the weapons provided by the armor to their best effect.
  Ryan Crouger: Age 15. Fifth known Guyver host; activated the Unit semi-deliberately in a cave in Colorado, becoming Guyver V and a staunch ally of Sho Fukamachi and his group. Co-creator and primary user of the Giga Armor upgrade, as well as an occasional user of the Gigantic Gray variant of the Gigantic armor. Tall for his age and with a wiry musculature, Ryan has both the skills and something of the attitude of a street-brawler, though he also has great skill with the weaponry granted to him by the Guyver.
  Yukari Fukamachi: Age 17. First/second known Guyver host; activated the Unit accidentally at Mt. Narisawa near a lake, becoming Guyver I and the focus of Chronos' attentions. Creator of the Gigantic upgrade, and primary user of same. Of average height and medium build, Yukari is neither particularly athletic nor particularly studious.

Akane Makishima: Age 18. Third/fifth known Guyver host; activated the Unit deliberately in an as-yet-unknown location, becoming Guyver III/V and something of an ally to Guyver I/II. Taller than Yukari, she is also both more athletic and more studious than the younger girl. Currently operating as the interim leader of the Libertus, and at odds with her spear counterpart, Sho's allies, and Chronos.

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Guyver Enhancements


The cocoon holding the Gigantic armor.


Gigantic Dark emerges from the chrysalis.

Guyver Gigantic: created by the Mt. Minakami Relic as it was destroyed by the Supreme Zoalord Alkanphel, the Gigantic Guyver upgrade is capable of fighting a full Zoalord on nearly equal terms. At this time, the armor has been shown to be capable of mimicking the powers of two - or three, depending on how one looks at the situation - Zoalords: Kablarl's immense size and power, and Imakarum's Virtual Black Hole.

Gigantic Exceed: The name of the fully expanded Gigantic; created by Sho.
Giga Guyver

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