A Hyper Zoanoid - sometimes written as Hyper-Zoanoid, or shortened to Hyper - is an enhanced Zoaform produced by Chronos.

Canon Hyper ZoanoidsEdit

  • Bilifinger
  • Billbo-Negg
  • Danaplus
  • Darzerb: Listed as a Hyper Muscle Type in the OAV datafiles, this Hyper Zoanoid is capable of emitting large bursts of biological napalm, and also of discharging large amounts of heat through his skin. Darzerb is a powerhouse, but not a particularly subtle Hyper Zoanoid. (more information)
  • Elegen
  • Gaster
  • Gustav
  • Minodlius
  • Myumelzee
  • Noskov
  • Zancrus: Listed as a High Speed Combatant Type in the OAV datafiles, this Hyper Zoanoid is capable of swift, brutal attacks on its enemies. Armed with two large vibration blades at the end of its wrists, in place of hands, Zancrus is a powerful but not particularly versatile Hyper Zoanoid. (more information)
  • Zangallo
  • Zektor
  • Zencrebe
  • Zerebubuth

Fan-created Hyper ZoanoidsEdit

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