Hyper Zoanoid Team 5

The members of Team Five in their battleforms.

Often shortened to merely "Team Five" for the sake of convenience, these five Hyper Zoanoids are the elite soldiers of the Chronos syndicate, either acting as the bodyguards for Chronos' true elites, or as frontline soldiers against the threat of the Guyvers.

Team Five in canonEdit

Composed of the Hyper Zoanoids Zx-Tole, Gaster, Thancrus, Elegen, and Derzerb, Team Five was presumably created at Arizona Base One, given the fact that Dr. Balkus is likely to work there for the most part.

Team Five in Warrior GuyverEdit

Team Five in Son of Mine ('verse)Edit

Team Five had once been assigned to Richard Guyot as his personal bodyguards, before being killed in a battle with Guyvers I and III in the Chronos Japan Branch building. However, this was not the end; Dr. Balkus had taken precautions, cloning the original members of Team Five many times over.

Team Five in Adaptation ('verse)Edit

The Team Five was first introduced when they were sent to Mt. Minakami in order to retrieve the Guyver Units. Their orders quickly changed to hunting down and destroying Aptom. After they return, they nearly kill Sho until Lisker arrive. He battles the entire Team on his own, buying himself and Sho time to escape.

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