A Lost Number is a Zoaform in Guyver whose telepathic link was degraded to the point of uselessness, leaving the Zoalords unable to communicate with or - more importantly, according to most of them - to command them.

Lost Numbers in canonEdit

Known Lost Numbers in the Guyver series are: Aptom, Bio-Freezer, Gelpess, Dyme, and Somlum.

  • Somlum: The first Lost Number to appear in the manga, and one of the three Lost Number Commandos in the TV series.
  • Aptom: The leader of the Lost Number Commandos in the TV series, and the second one to appear in the manga.
  • Dyme: One of Aptom's lost comrades, he appeared alongside Aptom in the Manga, OAV, and TV series. He is also a member of the Lost Number Commandos.

Other Lost NumbersEdit

Son of Mine ('verse)Edit

Lost Numbers within Chronos, due to their close kinship - forced as it may well be - with one another, tend to refer to themselves as Lost "Units" rather than the standard parlance of Lost Numbers. This serves to unite them all the more closely with one another, and helps them to survive not only the nearly-sadistic treatment they receive at the hands of most of Chronos' scientists, but also the scorn, indifference, and derision they are subjected to by the Zoanoids and Hyper Zoanoids they interact with.

Being forced together by circumstance, some of them are less than cordial to their fellow Lost Numbers at first. However, their treatment by those outside of their circles, even among their fellow Zoaforms, eventually overcomes their individual tastes, and they bond. Some closer than others, of course, but any Lost Number will make every effort possible to aid one of their fellows should they come to more harm than usual, and always after they've just been through an "examination" by one or more of Chronos' scientists.

Lost Numbers in Son of Mine ('verse)Edit