Natsuki Taga, a friend of Tetsuro, and a fellow member of the Sci-fi Club.

Natsuki is one of Tetsuro's friends from school in Guyver.

Natsuki in canonEdit

One of the more enthusiastic members of the Sci-fi club, Natsuki seemed eager to take it upon herself to see that Tetsuro's work was turned in on time. She had a semi-close friendship with Tetsuro, but didn't seem to know Sho very well, if at all.

She made only minor appearances in the first volume of the manga, seemingly just there as a side-character to add depth to Sho and Tetsuro's school life.

Natsuki in the 2005 TV seriesEdit

Natsuki in the Manga/12 part OAVEdit

Making her first appearance in volume 1 of the manga, Natsuki's importance to the story wasn't foreshadowed in any way. There were no hints given as to the depth of her dedication to those she cared about, and the only hints that there might be something more to her was the interest she had in the school's Sci-fi club.

After X-DayEdit

After Chronos had taken control of the world, Natsuki took it upon herself to act as the caretaker to the survivors of the Mt. Minakami debacle: Tetsuro, Mizuki, Yohei, and Shizu.

Natsuki in Warrior GuyverEdit

Natsuki in Son of Mine ('verse)Edit

Natsuki first appears in the second story of the series, in her role as caretaker to the escapees of Mt. Minakami.

She is rather interested by Aptom when he first appears, and also seems to worry about Shizu to the same extent that the others do.