Ramotith, a commonly used strength type.

A fairly common sight around the varied branches of Chronos, Ramotith's apelike form likely makes it a great deal easier to process than some of the more exotic Zoanoid models such as Gregole or Vamore. Ramotith is the first type of Zoanoid developed for combat, and has been in use for a great deal of time.

Ramotith stands at 7'5", weighs 300 pounds, and has the physical strength of 10 full-grown men.

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  • A Ramotith menaces Sho, while a Vamore attempts to interrogate Tetsuro.
  • A group of Ramotith face Guyver I.
  • A Ramotith under the moon.
  • A pair of Ramotith attempt to restrain Guyver I.
  • Ramotith, like most Zoanoids, is no match for a Guyver.