Sean Barker; fourth modern Guyver.

Originally a student of Akido, Sean has often struggled to adapt to the rigors of life as a Guyver. Like Sho before him, Sean was forced into the role of a Guyver though an accident; or perhaps by fate.

Sean in Guyver: Dark HeroEdit


The Unit Sean bonded with in L.A.

After bonding with the Guyver and destroying Chronos' Los Angeles branch, Sean found himself without a purpose in life. Forced by the urging of his Unit to hunt, Sean was still able to restrict his activities to the criminal elements within the city where he was currently staying. The use of lethal force on those who - for all the danger they posed to normal citizens - were still ultimately human beings wore on him, however, and after he and Mizky broke up, Sean turned to the task of finding out more about the Guyver.

However, Sean had gotten something of a lead: the same images that had been appearing in his dreams reappeared as cave paintings in an archaeological dig in Utah.

Making his way out to the state, hitchhiking when he needed to and walking when he could, Sean soon found himself in the small town next to the dig site. Inadvertently making contact with one of the researchers working there, Sean managed to convince her to allow him to accompany her to the dig. as the two of them spoke, they formed the beginnings of a kinship that would carry them through the strange things they were about to find themselves facing.

Allowed to tag along with Cori, Sean soon found himself facing the very cave paintings that had been appearing more and more in his dreams of late.

Giving what aid he could to the archeologists he'd chosen to work beside, Sean soon found that there was indeed more to the expedition he'd made himself a part of than anyone had revealed to the public. However, the reporter who'd revealed the dig site to him had turned out to be closer to the truth than anyone uninvolved would have had cause to suspect. Later that night, once he had finished with his shift, Sean made his way out of the cave to relax.

Sean in Son of Mine ('verse)Edit

Sean first makes his first appearance late in the first story; he and Cori are staying in one of the Anti Chronos Task Force' bases, helping to test some of their newly-designed hardware. An attack by Chronos' Zoanoid troops draws him and several other soldiers out to face them.

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