Somlum, Aptom and Dyme's comrade, and the first of the Lost Number Commandos seen in the manga.

One of the more mysterious characters in Guyver, Somlum works closely with Aptom and Dyme.

Somlum in canonEdit

A member of Chronos Japan's Lost Number Commandos, Somlum is one of the most agile, but far from the most versatile.

Somlum's abilities have remained the same throughout all the media he has appeared in: in addition to his speed and agility, Somlum's saliva has the ability to molecularity fuse with whatever it comes into prolonged contact with. It has not been decisively stated in canon that the glue-component of his saliva is activated by exposure to open air, but it can easily be inferred from the way the saliva acts.

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