Hyper Zoanoid Team 5

A first glimpse of Team Five in their battle forms.

This team is, as their name suggests, made up of five members; they are each specially augmented Hyper Zoanoids, who carry out missions for Chronos on the orders of Dr. Balkus and Commander Guyot.

The members of Team Five are as follows:

Zx-tole a.k.a. Zektor
Thancrus a.k.a. Zancrus
Derzerb a.k.a. Darzerb

Zx-tole (short bio)Edit

The leader and overall the most powerful member of the Team, Zx-tole has the capability to fire up to 14 bio-lasers from differing points on his body.

Thancrus (short bio)Edit

The swift and deadly assailant, Thancrus is the fastest of all the Hyper-Zoanoids, and is equipped with two High-Frequency Wave Vibration Blades that allows him to cut through almost anything with unnatural agility and cunning.

Gaster (short bio)Edit

Elegen (short bio)Edit

Derzerb (short bio)Edit

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