Original opening title for the main series.

Teknoman is a modified dub of the Japanese anime series Uuchu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade ("Space Knight Tekkaman Blade"), with several aspects of the story changed. Foremost among the changes were the names of the characters. The series itself had two dubs; one made in the US that lasted 26 episodes, and the other an International dub that lasted for 43; the original anime lasted for 49 episodes.


Earth's DefendersEdit

Commander Jamison
Ringo Richards / Richard "Ringo" Veruse / Noal Veruse
Star Summers / Aki Kisaragi
Ness "Slade" Carter / Nick "Blade" Carter / Takaya "D-Boy" Aiba
Tina Corman / Miletta "Milly" LeRougue
Maggie Matheson / Levin
Dr. Silas Random / Dr. Cal


General Gault
Balzac St. Jacques

Venomoid InvadersEdit

Shinya "Tekkaman Evil" Aiba / Cain "Teknoman Saber" Carter
Gunnar / Dagger

Notable FanfictionEdit

More informationEdit

TV Tropes page for the series

Forum for the Japanese series and the show in general

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