Vamore, a bio-blaster type Zoanoid created by Chronos' Japanese branch.

This Zoanoid was first encountered by Sho Fukamachi early on in the series. In the TV series and the manga, a Vamore was first encountered a day after Sho had bonded with the Guyver, leading a group of Ramotith that had been sent to interrogate Sho and Tetsuro.

That one had used the guise of a police detective to conceal his true motives, there are many more of the breed who act as simple troops, manning sniper posts or acting in defense of Chronos' various bases.

  • A Vamore facing off against Guyver I.
  • A Vamore with it's bio-lasers charging.
  • Ready to fire.
  • A close-up on Vamore's bio-laser emitter.